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The Monkey Wars
, Oxford University Press, December 14, 1995

In The Monkey Wars, Deborah Blum gives a human face to this often caustic debate--and an all-but-human face to the subjects of the struggle, the chimpanzees and monkeys themselves. "As it stands now," Blum concludes, "the research community and its activist critics are like two different nations, nations locked in a long, bitter, seemingly intractable political standoff.... But if you listen hard, there really are people on both sides willing to accept and work within the complex middle. When they can be freely heard, then we will have progressed to another place, beyond this time of hostilities." In The Monkey Wars, Deborah Blum gives these people their voice.


I guarantee that, whatever your current beliefs may be, The Monkey Wars will make you see the whole question of animal research--and much that has been done in the name of science--quite differently.


[Blum] writes in a straight-forward, informal style, never raising her own voice, and she is scrupulously fair about presenting all sides.

The New York Times Book Review

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