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The Women's Weapon (tentative title)

A female empowerment book about female poisoners, a story of plotting, planning, psychopathy - and serial murder, currently in the works.

Previous Books

A poster of the poison squad in yellow and white

The Poison Squad

The fascinating—and sometimes horrifying story – of the 19th-century crusade for food safety in the United States, led by a pioneering scientist who fought hard against "chemically enhanced and deceptive food manufacturing practices," some of which we still see today. The Poison Squad was a New York Times Notable Book in 2018 and became a PBS documentary in 2020.

A poster of Angel killer with black and white paintings

Angel Killer

Don't miss Deborah's #1 Amazon Kindle best-selling single, Angel Killer, a true story of a cannibal killer who stalked New York City during the 1920s and 1930s. Published by The Atavist, this is a tale of a killer who knew how to stay invisible, a detective who wouldn't give up, and a trial that shocked the country.

As the Wisconsin State Journal put it: "She steps into the mind of a madman and raises more than a few disturbing ethical questions, along with the fine hairs on the reader's neck."

A poster of poisoner's handbook with a city in the background

Poisoner's Handbook

Told poison by poison, The Poisoner's Handbook, a New York Times best-seller, follows the pioneering work of two unsung heroes of Jazz-Age New York, a pair of New York City scientists fighting to catch killers, identify toxic compounds, and create the science of forensic detection. Named by Crime Reads as one of the top ten true crime reads of the last decade, the book was also an Emmy-nominated PBS documentary in 2014.


Ghost Hunters

At the close of the 19th century, the illustrious William James led an elite scientific investigation into ghosts, mediums, telepathy and “the borderlands” between our world and others. James and his colleagues staked their reputations and careers to prove the existence of psychic phenomena. This acclaimed and provocative book asks the reader a simple question: what if it’s real? “After reading Blum’s mesmerizing account,” declared Entertainment Weekly, “you might be tempted to dust off that Ouija board.”


Love At Goon Park

In the early 20th century, scientists declared love meaningless, just a flight of fancy for poets and dreamers. But eventually an American psychologist would challenge that stance, urge psychology to finally “catch up with common sense”. Love at Goon Park tells the story of the controversial, troubled, brilliant Harry Harlow – and the way he changed the way we think about touch, relationship, connection. “A wonderfully written book,” according to Salon, “provoking both delight and horror.”


Sex On The Brain

A lively exploration of gender biology that asks the essential question: if both sexes are biologically equal, why does one sex have most of the power? Using evidence from a wide range of sciences – from neuroscience to evolutionary biology – the book looks at questions of monogamy, relationship, sexual orientation and more in building a portrait of men and women in the world today. “Superbly crafted science writing, graced by unusual compassion, wit and intelligence,” said The Los Angeles Times.


The Monkey Wars

This investigation of ethical issues in primate research, inspired by a Pulitzer-prize winning series in The Sacramento Bee, offers a clear, candid look at the ongoing debate between scientists and animal advocates over the ways we study monkeys and chimpanzees (our closest living relatives) in laboratories – and whether we should put them there at all. As one reviewer said: “Whatever your current beliefs may be, The Monkey Wars will make you see the whole question of animal research – and much that has been done in the same of science – quite differently.”