The Poison Squad

Published September 25th, 2018!


- Kirkus Reviews

“A fascinating—and disturbing—history of the late-19th-century crusade for food safety, led by a pioneering scientist who fought hard against "chemically enhanced and deceptive food manufacturing practices," some of which we still see today.”

- Publisher’s Weekly

“A stomach-churner and a page-turner.”

About the Author

There was probably no way for Deborah Blum to grow up as anything but a science writer. Her father, an exuberant entomologist, liked to bring his research home – “Check out this black widow. I’m going to keep its cage on the dining room table so we can watch it while we eat.” Her mother, a freelance writer, published a family newspaper and drafted her four daughters as staff reporters. “This seems to be a very whiny story about the black widow.”